Medical Humanities Conference Theme

I got to work with a group of  experts that would make a 80’s movie look outlandish. Artists, doctors, professors, and rich people came together for a weekend in Galveston to discuss the roll of art and well being. Trying to balance every concern: it had to look “clinical, fun, artistic, boring, out of the way,” and “exciting,” was a fun challenge. I even got to use my favorite font: Blue Highway.

The end result was a theme that was used at and applied to everything at the conference. It was applied to papers, tote bags, and beer koozies. The theme was liked enough that it was used for the next five years.

One of the elements that made the theme so successful was the modularity of it: it could be a super logo with the graphic eye and text, it could be just the eye, or just the text and always remain recognizable.