Lincoln Monument
Lincoln Monument at early evening.

Today was my last day in DC. I have been there for nearly half a year, or in twenty-something years: a decade and a half. I shall miss it. Well… certain aspects of it. Eastern Market, brunch, decent public transit, the constant bustle, the rotting flesh smell of the Potomac festering in the summer sun. Living in DC and never adjusting to DC life give me new understanding of the Robinson Jeffers’ poem Shine, Perishing Republic.

I have never dealt well with endings. Leaving DC shall be no exception. I have, however, placated the crushing feeling of an ending with some needed last minute packing.

I have learned a lot. I learned that DC is not the city for me. Feeling the death of a dream was one of the most absurd feelings that I have ever had. Until I moved, I was convinced that DC was my city. It turns out that my dreaming was a few miles too far south. If you ever get fed up with living in or visiting Washington, give Baltimore a try. I did. Now I know where I want to move. I will forever be grateful to DC (and the Maryland Department of Transportation) for introducing me to Baltimore.

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